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Duong Thi Thuy, Vu Thi Nguyet, Le Thi Phuong Quynh, Ho Tu Cuong, Hoang Trung Kien, Nguyen Trung Kien, Dang Dinh Kim (2014).

Seasonal variation of phytoplankton assemblage in Hoa Binh reservoir, north of Vietnam.J. Viet. Env. 2014Vol. 6(1), pp. 22-26, DOI:10.13141/jve.vol6.no1.pp22-26

Algae provide an important role in aquatic food web and biochemical cycles in aquatic systems.They are affected by different environmental factors, such as pH, light, temperature and nutrients.This study aimed to describe the composition abundance and density of phytoplankton in the HoaBinh reservoir during period from March to December 2011. Phytoplankton samples were collected monthly at four sampling stations. Result obtained showed that 6 phytoplankton classes wererecorded: Cyanobacteria, Chlorophyceae, Bacillariophyceae, Euglenophyceae, Dinophyceae and Cryptophyceae. Bacillariophyceae and Cyanobacteria were the most abundant phytoplankton families constituting 61% and 32% respectively of total phytoplankton community. Colonyforming and solitary filamentous-forming of Cyanobacteria group (e.g. Microcystisaeruginosa, M.wesenbergi and Oscillatoria sp. respectively) were a common component of phytoplankton community in the early summer and autumn periods (April and September). The total cell densities of phytoplankton varied seasonally from 84210 to 100x106 cell/L. Phytoplankton density varied with season with high values in early summer and winter (April and December) and low values in summer –autumn periods (from June to October):black'>solved organic carbon (DOC) contents were in low level and the particulate organic carbon (POC) content mainly derived from soil organic leaching and erosion in the basin. The results underlined the need for regularly monitoring the river water quality, and there should be some effective solu-tions to manage and treat the waste sources in order to provide safe water for different actual pur-poses use in the Red River basin.
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