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Wu Guiju, Tan Hongbo, Yang Guangliang, Shen Chongyang (2015)

Research on the relationship between geophysical structural features and earthquakes in Mid-Yunnan and the surrounding area. Geodesy and Geodynamics, vol 6(5), pp 384-391.                                                 


In this study, we analyzed the gravity and, magnetic characteristics, and the occur rence of a fault zone and discusse d the relationships between the two locations. The results reveal that the subsurface structures strikes are different compared with those in the research region. In other words, the geophysica l advantageo us directions from the gravity and magnetic anomalies are not the same as those caused by the surfac e structures. The local horizontal gradient results from the gravity and magnetic anomalies show that the majority of earthquakes occur along an intense fault zone, which is a zone of abrupt gravity and negative magnetic change, whe re the shapes match very well. From the distribut ion of earthquakes in this area, we find that it has experienced more than 11 earthquake events with magnitude larger than Ms7.0. In addition, water development sites such as Jinshajiang, Lancangjiang, and the Red River and Pearl River watersheds have been hit ten times by earthquakes of this magnitude. It is observed that strong earthquakes occur frequently in the Holocene active fault zone.
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